This week, I completed my second digital story making experience. The first was an art assignment where we created a stop motion picture. I mentioned this project earlier this semester in one of my crochet posts. So, I went off of my previous knowledge to create this digital story.

Our assignment was to create a digital story with the topic of a metaphor of our experience as a learner or a teacher. I chose to do a combination of the two. My metaphor I decided to have as my central theme was that learning is like gardening. When cultivated, cared for, and nurtured, a garden or student will flourish and thrive. When a student’s potential is overlooked, nothing good will happen. I chose to make my video over this metaphor because I believe that understanding this and applying it to a classroom is very beneficial to all teachers and students.

I found our reading for this week very intriguing. The article on Poetry for Everyday Life, discussed how metaphors relate to many aspects of our lives. we use food metaphors when discussing ideas. We use war metaphors when on the topic of arguments. Health metaphors are used when discussing relationships with other. I never realized how the metaphors we use every week relate to each other or how they correlate to other aspects of life. I also did not realize how common metaphors are in my life. I use them all the time, and do not really realize it. How odd. We say things all the times and never realize that we mix topics or conversations, one to the next.

The topic for this week, along with many things I have encountered over the holiday weekend, have really gotten me thinking. I have come to the realization that I should take a step back and really look at how I run my life. I should probably pay more attention to what I say and do and how these things affect the ones around me. Although, focusing on myself is important when necessary, I need to keep in mind what is truly important, why I am doing what I am doing and who I am doing it for. These are things I will be pondering and working on in the near future.

Here is my digital story. I uploaded it to YouTube. Hopefully it will work well for others. It played well for me.


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