When I was in elementary and middle school, my favorite part of beginning a new class and having a new teacher was getting to see how they decorated their room. Every room was unique and creative. There were always colorful posters and pictures, a fun lay-out of the classroom, and an interesting way to run their class. These colorful posters would grab my attention and make me want to read the information on them. And in class, when my teacher would pull our a graph or some visual aid, it always sparked my interest because it was different and new. Graphics are extremely important in every classroom.

As a future educator, I am very glad for this module lesson on creating visual tools. I decided to make a presentation on Canva. I created this presentation on the benefits that I have learned throughout this semester of crocheting. Some of these I have learned through personal experience and others I have heard of from other sources such as my mother and grandmother.

The process of making this presentation was quite simple. You pick a layout, like a presentation, poster, flyer, etc. Then you can begin creating it. You can put text into it, upload pictures, add shapes or other elements like charts or icons. I added some pictures in this presentation of projects that I have completed. I enjoyed that I could upload pictures or take pictures from the internet in the tool. The only thing that was slightly challenging for me was finding where the options were. Where were the options for adding text or pictures? It was very simple to use once I found them, I just was not looking in the right spot. To figure out what information to include in my presentation, I thought about what I had done throughout the semester with my independent learning project and what I would like people to know about crocheting.

I will definitely use this or another tool like it in my classroom. I can use it to make flyers to send home to parents. I can use this to create presentations for my students. This adds great visual aspects for the visual learners. I think it is a great tool for teaching. I do think there is value in presenting information in visual and graphic styles. This moves away from the same old boring ways of teaching and learning. It keeps students engaged and excited to learn.

My advise for all teachers is to creating visuals for students so they become and stay engaged and excited about learning.


10 thoughts on “Creating Graphics/Visuals #diglitclass

  1. I agree 100%, graphic are important in a classroom, every student sees them so what we decide to put on them is what they will see everyday. In my classroom I will have positive graphics all over to motivate my students into giving great effort during PE.
    Great post!


  2. Do you think it’s possible to over-stimulate students visually? I think it’s important for students to have a change up, but I fear that some teachers could overuse these visual tools and end up doing more harm than good.


  3. Oh my gosh! That’s the first thing I look at, too! When I’m observing a new classroom I always see new things I want to incorporate into my classroom. I think Canva will definitely help with that! Great post!


  4. I like how you relate this project of using Canva to your years in school. This is important as a future teacher, to put yourself in the student shoes to see what they want and use it as a teacher. Your explanation of how to use it definitely makes it more simple than I made it! Great post.

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