Isn’t it curious how we all think of ourselves in a certain way simply because we are ourselves? We know our perception or ourselves and what others tell us we are, but our true self can remain hidden from us. At least, hidden from our conscious self. Sometimes, the only way to grow and learn about ourselves is through projects like the one we have been assigned for class. We are to log five or more of our online sessions. Five times we are online, doing whatever we do, taking note of certain aspects of our time. These include: the physical space we were in, the device we were using, what occurred during this time, what we did, how we felt during this time, what worked, and what did not work. The purpose of this assignment was to have us learn how we spend our time online and how it impacts us.

So, to begin with, I logged five of my online sessions. Three of them were times where I was completing assignments of doing something academic and the other two were when I was just on my IPod to pass the time pretty much.

My first three sessions were my assignment sessions. I was sitting at my desk for all of them, in the living room. Two times, my roommates were also doing homework or hanging out in the same room. The other time, I was the only one home. I learned that while doing homework, I am pretty even keel. I am really just focused on learning what I need to learn and completing my assignments in the best possible way. Sometimes I was frustrated with how my homework was going or overwhelmed with the amount of things I needed to accomplish, but overall, I was alright. I found it interesting when I came to answering the what worked/ didn’t work part. In the first session I tried to listen to my show while doing homework. I couldn’t function well so I switched to listening to music and it went much better. The second session I started off listening to music, but that wasn’t working well, so I shut off my music, but left my headphones in my ears. That worked well. The third time, I had learned that having the earbud in my ear with nothing playing actually helps me a lot. The earbud block some of the background noise from the room, but doesn’t add any noise. I found that I work very well by doing this.

My last two sessions were mainly on social media sites. I was relaxing on the couch or chair with friends. My birthday was yesterday, so I was commenting and thanking people for wishing me a happy birthday. I felt very happy and blessed to have such kind and amazing people in my life. Today I was the only one home and was occupying myself by scrolling through Facebook and talking to my sister and friend through Snapchat. I was feeling very tired after a long day of school. I was not interested in Facebook, so that didn’t last long. My conversations lasted for awhile and lifted my spirits some.

Altogether, my sessions were fairly even between academic work and social media. I have learned what works for me when doing homework, but I do believe that I should spend less of my free time online and more time doing things worth while. I will keep that in mind in the future. Now, I don’t think that I have truly found out who I am, but I have learned several things about myself that I didn’t know before this assignment. I encourage others to analyze your usage of the internet. You may learn things you never knew about yourself.

Photo CC-By Marcelo Graciolli 



12 thoughts on “My Activity Log #diglitclass

  1. I loved reading this post. I am glad you had happy things to celebrate on Facebook (happy birthday by the way). Although it is not all always happy and exciting news on social media. I also liked how you figured out that earbuds in with no sounds helps you concentrate. I feel that would help me too.


    1. Thanks! I agree that it’s not always happy and exciting new on social media. It can get pretty bad sometimes. I really think it works great to have earbuds in with no sounds. It helps me a lot. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I too did an attention log and though I have been fairly aware of what my bad habits were, the log helped me find solutions. I thought the earbud solution was helpful and I like how you tried it different ways and a few times to really see if it was helpful. Happy late birthday! That is one of the joys of Facebook. I always enjoy seeing what my friends and family are up to, but I do feel that it tends to be very repetitive. Great insight!


    1. Thanks! I am glad I figured out what works for me. Thank you! I only signed up for Facebook once I graduated high school. So, I have been quite cautious with who I have as friends online. I see both the benefits and the downsides of social media. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Great detailed post! I even got distracted while doing my attention log! It’s great to see that you were trying different things to try to find out what ways you learn better!


  4. Great post. It is awesome that you found out what works for you while studying. A lot of the time I focus better when listening to music while doing homework or reading. However, if I am not motivated to do homework at all the music only provides more of a distraction. It is so of a battle with myself but I manage to find the balance. Good job!


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