Well, my Independent Learning Project has been going great! I have been working on two project in the last two or three weeks. I am loving this project to the fullest extent!

The two project that I have been working on include my dad’s ripple afghan and another bunny. On the ripple afghan, I have changed colors of yarn several times to begin making a pattern. I am super relaxed when I am working on this project. I can just let my mind wander. I also made another stuffed animal bunny this week. This one was smaller than the last one I made. I plan on getting some black yarn and making some eyes for them. I believe that these bunnies and maybe some other ones will be given as Christmas gifts to my little sisters and cousins. I have also considered donating some of these to hospitals for children.

Others projects that I have decided to make are bow ties for my brothers for their birthdays and Christmas. One is in his final, professional year before becoming a teacher, so he is professionally dressed all the time. My other brother is in high school and likes to dress nicely very often. Another thing that I think I will be making this year is a little stuffed animal elephant for one of my best friends. She loves elephants and has voiced her desire for me to make her a stuffed elephant. In the next several weeks I plan on making some baby hats as well and donating them to the neonatal intensive care units and the nursery at the community hospitals.

So far, I have loved this project. It is my stress reliever for the day. I tend to do more than the required amount of time each week simply because I love crocheting and have the time to continue. While looking at ideas on Pinterest, I found this article about how to make your yarn softer before crocheting with it rather than after you have made your project. It involves putting your skeins of yarn in a netted laundry bag and putting it in the washing machine and dryer. Your yarn will come out so soft! I think this is great! I hope to get a laundry bag so I can do this. It works so much better when the yarn is softer and more pliable.

Here are the pictures I took of my projects that I did this week. I hope you like them!


18 thoughts on “Crocheting Check-in #diglitclass

  1. It looks like you’re learning quite a bit. Your projects look really nice. I was wondering if crocheting causes any cramping in your hands or if it helps to stretch the muscles in your hands out?


    1. Thanks for the comment! Crocheting definitely causes cramping in my hands. If I haven’t crocheted for several weeks, my hands cramp quicker, but where I am crocheting about every week, they don’t tend to cramp until 2 or more hours in. Thanks again!

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  2. Your projects are yet again wonderful. I love the difference in width of the colors in your father’s afghan. The more you work on it, the more I enjoy it! The eyes on the bunnies will really define the bunny helping make it as realistic as possible. I love his little tail! Making hats for infants is a wonderful idea. As winter closes in, I think it would be wonderful to make hats and gloves for those who cannot afford them. I have always wanted to get into crocheting however, I cannot seem to figure out what to do after I get the long chain. Do you have any tips on a new learner?


    1. Thanks! I am really looking forward to making the eyes for the bunnies and working on my father’s afghan. That’s a great idea, making hats and scarves and putting them in those donation boxes that you see for schools or others who cannot afford their own. Hmm, for new beginners, I would suggest picking a simple project, such as a scarf or pot holder, that is a repetitive sequence. This allows you to just work on one thing and really do it well. If you are having troubles with starting things past the chain, there are a host of YouTube videos that could help. There are also pattern books that help explain how to get from a chain to the next part among other things. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Sydni, your projects are awesome! I love how you are considering donating some of the items you make to the hospital-what a wonderful idea. What else do you hope to be able to create during this project? Looking forward to seeing all the other ideas you come up with!


    1. Kali,
      Thanks for the comment. In the remainder of my project for this class, I hope to finish my father’s afghan, make some bow ties for my brothers, finish my sisters’ bunnies, and make hats and winter wear to donate to either hospitals or donation banks. I think that will keep me busy for the remainder of the semester. Thanks again!


  4. So crazy that we’re already thinking about Christmas gifts! But I think your handmade gifts would be the best to receive on Christmas morning! Again, love watching your progress throughout the weeks, great job!


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