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It is weird to think that someone could just drop your name into a search bar and find out what you have been up to. When I went to search my name, I was not expecting too much to pop up about myself, maybe a few links and a picture or two. That is pretty much what I got. When simply searching my first and last name, Facebook was the top result that came up and my profile was on the list of people with my name. The next link that actually was about me was a Hudl account my track coach set up for me back in high school. I have never used it but it seemed to pop up. The only other link that was about me was an article on a scholarship I received as a graduating senior. It doesn’t have a full bio on me or anything, just mentioning that I received the scholarship. In the images, one picture is of me that is linked to another scholarship that I received last year. Other than that, the rest of the results were not of me, but of other young ladies. When I put my name is quotation marks, many of the same results come up.

Something funny pops up when I add my middle name. The first few results are for Stevens Institutes of Technology mentioning students with my first of middle name. I do not show up at all in this search result.

I would say I am most active on Facebook online. I would say besides that, just class websites for school. That’s about it. I much prefer face- to- face interactions.

A potential employer might find that I have a Facebook, but everything I do in my account is presentable and as it should be for a teacher. They could see that I was awarded some scholarships, which could be a good thing for them to find. I do not think they will find much else that is actually of me.

In general, I am pretty careful what I do online because I know people can see what I do. I think my online identity and my true identity are the same. Why portray myself differently than who I really am? It confuses me when people portray themselves differently online. I guess I like people being their true self. I am curious to hear others opinions on this topic.


6 thoughts on “Google Me? #diglitclass

  1. I agree, I think that we must be careful online because everything we post is with us forever. I agree that we must be ourselves online.


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