We have officially reached the halfway mark of this semester! So far, it has been a really great semester full of valuable learning moments in and out of school. When heading into this semester, I figured Literacy in the Digital Age would be a rather boring technology and writing class that was something I had to take simply to meet a course requirement. That could not be further from the truth. During the first week, I already knew that I would enjoy this course. It seemed like we would gain valuable knowledge and that the workload would be a big commitment, but I was up for the challenge. At this point, I had certain expectations of the class.

My expectations of this class were quite open. I expected to learn about many technological tools that could improve my teaching and my students’ learning, but beyond that, I did not know what to expect. In some part, the lessons have met my expectations. We have learned about technological tools that will help me to improve my teaching, such as the personal learning networks, and tools that will help students learn, like the passion-based learning could help students explore their interest. Yet, there are several things that were different from my expectations like using a vine to create small teaching moments and actually creating personal learning networks.

I think the most interesting module thus far would have to be either module 2 or module 4. I really liked learning about hackschooling and how that could be adapted to the traditional classroom. Module 4 was also really interesting because we learned about passion-based learning and I think that would be great to add to my future classroom. The most challenging modules for me to learn were module 5 and module 7. Module 5 was about the personal learning networks. The idea of a personal learning network is not hard to learn about, but there was just a large amount of work to complete for that week. Finding 100 educators that I would like to follow on Twitter was challenging. Module 7 was over ds106. I was really excited and am still excited to begin the daily create challenge, but exploring the course site for ds106 was really challenging and hard to learn about. After simply googling it and looking for other articles about ds106, I understood it much better. Mainly, I think these two modules were challenging for me because I had to work extra hard to learn what I was supposed to learn or they were extremely time consuming for me.

I am not quite certain what I am expecting from the rest of the semester. I hope to learn techniques on incorporating technology in an elementary classroom. In another class, we have learned about digital storytelling. I would like to learn about it in this class to see how others view this topic.



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