This week for my ILP, I did two projects. For another class, I was assigned to make a stop motion video on a routine or something I do often. Naturally, I decided on crochet. I could not be the main person in the movie, so I got a little creative. I decided my sock monkey would be the main character in this short movie. He “made himself” a stocking cap and scarf. Since this was for another class, I decided that it would not count for my ILP, but I felt like it should be mentioned. During this project I felt super focused on how monkey should move from one picture to the next. I really enjoyed creating this project especially since it would show the progression from beginning to end. This is the last picture from the movie after my sock monkey finishes his crocheting.


For my two hours devoted for my Independent Learning Project, I began making my Dad’s afghan. I decided on starting with the burgundy color. To begin, I made a chain of about one hundred fifty. Then began with a single crochet building off the chain. after six single crochets, you do three single crochets in one loop. This begins your ripple effect. Then you do six more single crochets. Next, you skip two loops and crochet six single crochets again. Then another three single crochets in one loop and so on with this pattern until the end of the row. Then you chain one, turn your project around and begin again. The picture below shows how much of the afghan I have completed so far. I have just gotten to the next color of yarn I am using, grey. I am very excited about continuing with this project. The only thing I am struggling with so far is that I do not know if I like the third color of yarn I have chosen for this project. It is the darker red color in the picture below (right rolls of yarn). I like it, but I’m not sure if both red colors will look good together in one project. Any thoughts on the subject would be greatly appreciated.


I also have another thing I would like feedback on. So, I’m making this great afghan for my Dad. I don’t want my mom to feel left out. I have thought about making her a fancy pillow. But that isn’t super personal. I also found a design for a doily with her name in it that I could make for her. I think she would really like that, but again, what can she really do with a doily? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


8 thoughts on “Monkey Business and Progress #diglitclass

  1. Oh my goodness! Your sock monkey is absolutely adorable. I think it is a wonderful idea to take a single skill you enjoy doing and adding it to many classes. The colors and pattern in your father’s afghan are absolutely stunning. A great way to not only get Christmas presents out of the way but to practice your skills is to make projects for others. My grandma is a HUGE crocheter. Some of the things she has made I feel your mom would enjoy. You could make your mom an afghan out of a different pattern, a scarf out of a fuzzier yarn, a winter hat and scarf combination, or a crocheted satchel looking bag! Pinterest is a wonderful tool to introduce ideas that you wouldn’t think of otherwise. I hope this was helpful!


  2. Thank you! My brother actually made my sock monkey for me for Christmas one year! Yeah, i really enjoy to practice crocheting while making projects for people. Thanks for the ideas! They’re great! Thanks for the comment!


  3. That sock monkey is adorable! To add to the ideas of Madison, I know you mentioned a doily. Personally the only person I know who uses a doily is my grandma, but she uses it religiously as the centerpiece to her table. I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe instead of her name you could use your last name or a few words that mean something to you or your family, that way it’s for her, but she can show it off in more ways than one? Just an idea! Good luck!


  4. I love you projects this week! The afghan is such a great idea. My mom does prayer shawls very often, they’re supposed to be special because the entire time you are making them, you are praying and thinking about the person you are giving it to. That could be something special for your momma!


  5. I am so lost on all the crochet terminology. But clearly, with the sock monkey visual, and all the crochet words you are using, you are pretty familiar with the world of crochet. Did you crochet before you started this ILP?


    1. Sorry, I know the terminology can be really confusing. Yes I did crochet before starting this ILP. I had crocheted some pot holders and scarves two Christmas seasons ago and then some other small things last fall. I am pretty comfortable with the beginner techniques but hope to become more advanced through this project. Thanks for the comment.


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