To fulfill my two hours of independent learning project time, I scattered it throughout the week. I did some Monday and some Thursday, and finished up today. I did three separate things this week. They were all very unique and required different skills to do. I also reacted and felt differently during all three projects.

My first project I did this week was a stuffed animal bunny that I had been wanting to make. Okay… confession time… I have a stash of yarn hidden under my bed. Yeah I know, it’s strange to think that a college aged student has a box of yarn under her bed. Oh, well. I love it! So, I was going through this box to find the perfect color to make my bunny. I was thinking a yellow or mint green color, but I eventually settled on a brown color. More realistic. For this project, it is made by using a single crochet stitch and making a square or rectangle. Then you thread yarn through the square to make a triangle. Pull the yarn tight so it makes a sort of circle with two corners sticking out. Stuff the circle with stuffing and that is now your head. I struggled with getting the body the right shape but I figured out how to make it round. Then just make and attach a puff ball for the tail. During this project, I was relaxing and watching a movie with my roommate. I felt calm and happy while making this. I might give this bunny away as a present to someone, but I’m not sure who. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

On Thursday, I ventured to Walmart to buy yarn. I know, more yarn? Yeah. This was for my dad’s afghan project. I decided on two shades of red and a grey. Red is his favorite color. I didn’t really consider what I was feeling on this trip. Just determined to get what I need and get out. I’m not a big fan of shopping.

My final project for this week was a butterfly that I made. I used a ball of yarn that shifts from red, to orange, to pink, and back to red. This project is worked in a circular pattern and then folds over into a butterfly. I used a double crochet stitch to create this. While making the butterfly, I began to relax. I hadn’t been feeling well today, but once I sat down, turned on a movie, and started to crochet, I quit worrying about things and just got lost in what I was doing. I don’t feel 100% better, but it has definitely helped.

I plan on starting my dad’s afghan this coming week and possibly making some baby booties. Thanks for visiting!

IMG_3086.JPG    IMG_3085.JPG

IMG_3079.JPG      IMG_3083.JPG

These are my own pictures of what I have been doing this week. The top two pictures are two different views of the bunny I made. The bottom left picture is the skeins (balls) of yarn for the afghan. The bottom right picture shows the butterfly I made and the yellow butterfly is one my mother made and I use as my guideline. Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Bunny and Butterfly (ILP) #diglitclass

  1. You accomplished a significant amount this week! I too used my independent learning project as a way to draw my mind away from the fact that I did not feel good. There definitely is a sickly bug going around! You did a wonderful job going into full detail of each step you took to get your projects. This allowed me to picture exactly what you did. Your little stuffed bunny was adorable! Have you seen the little stuffed animals that are crocheted that have different eye colors? I thought maybe this would be something you could try out as a next step up if you are interested! I love the colors you chose for your father’s afghan. Burgundy and grey are my favorite color combination. Great job on your progress this week! I look forward to seeing what next week entails.


    1. Thanks! I didn’t go into much detail the last post I had, so I decided to try it. I haven’t seen the different colored eyes. If I find it, I might try that. I’m really excited about what I will be able to accomplish. Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Your creations are great! I wish I had the patience, maybe someday I will have to give crocheting a try, you make it sound like it is extremely relaxing. The most I have ever crocheted was a chain…ha! How long did it take before you were able to make different shapes and animals?


    1. Thank you! Yeah crochet does take some patience. It can be really relaxing, but if it is a difficult project, it can be frustrating. Well, I started crocheting simple things two years ago with only a few scarves. Last Christmas season, I began doing more complex things and throughout the year. Then this year, I have just continued to find more challenging things. This is the first year that I have made things like different shapes and animals. Thanks for the comment!


  3. This is so wonderful! Just seeing the pictures of your crocheted bunny and butterflies made me smile. 🙂 I think its great that your independent learning project is something that can take you away from the stress of everyday life. Crocheting is one of those activities that allows you to keep your hands busy while your mind can be shut off. I’ve made a few scarves before, but nothing like the caliber of your work. Keep it up!


  4. These are so cute! I do not think it is weird that you have yarn under your bed, because I would have a sketchbook and color pencils under my bed if I could. This is great to have a realistic color for the bunny and colorful colors for the butterflies. What are the butterflies going to be used for? Great job again.


  5. Thanks! I’m glad someone doesn’t think it’s weird I have yarn under my bed. I don’t know what the butterflies are going to be used for yet. maybe a stocking stuffer for Christmas. I know that I am going to make my sisters each a bunny for Christmas along with something else. Thanks for the comment!


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