For this project we were to devote 5 hours of our study time to working on our independent learning project. That is a big chunk of time for this class. To begin with, I started off with some little projects just to refresh my memory of how to crochet. I crocheted a purple bow. In another class I’m taking, we are doing this self-identity project. I made a bow for that project and I thought I could do another one for this course. Another project that I finished up was making a drawstring bag using plastic grocery bags as the “yarn”. Seeing as it was the first one I ever made using this material, I thought it turned out well. I added my pictures from these projects at the bottom of this post.

One project that I would like to do during this semester is a ripple afghan for my dad. As long as I can remember, he has always owned several afghans that he uses when he naps or sleeps on the couch. Now, don’t jump to conclusions and think that he gets kicked out there by my mother. He is the amazing and courageous sheriff in our fine county and he prefers to sleep in the living room to protect us in case someone tries to break in the house while we are sleeping. So, I would like to thank him for being my incredible dad by making him an afghan. The afghan will end up being about forty inches by fifty inches. The pattern that I have found for this afghan is pretty large, so I plan on working on this some each week while also working on some smaller projects as well. Other projects that I plan on doing over the semester include small stuffed animal bunnies, a few coffee mug cozies, some baby bonnets, and several other projects.

In this week’s instructions for the Independent Learning Project (ILP), it suggests to write about what I’m thinking. Well, when I am crocheting a project, there are several things that I am thinking about. Depending on the project, I will spend time thinking about the person I am making the project for. If I do not know who the project is for, I think about the possibilities or reflect on my day. With the projects that I worked on this week, I thought about myself while making the bow, since it was about a self-identity project, and while crocheting the drawstring bag, I thought about my grandma, since I was learning from her. Overall, I think this project is going great! I have made a Pinterest account to draw inspiration from! Crocheting gives me the opportunity to relax and calm down from the hectic days I have. I believe I will thoroughly enjoy this project.


These are my own pictures and projects so far. The bow is made of yarn. The bottom left picture is an in-progress view of my drawstring bag and the bottom right is the finished product. Being my first project using plastic bags, it isn’t the best, but if I do another plastic bag project, it will improve. What do you think of them?



11 thoughts on “Crochet Plan

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog and want to tell you that I chose crochet as my independent learning as well! I am enjoying it very much so far and the projects you’ve done so far are awesome! I love the bow! I might have to learn how to do that myself! Keep up the good work Sydni!


    1. For some reason I couldn’t respond to your last comment through that one. So Im commenting on that through this one. I did see that! Isn’t it awesome!? I think that was really neat! I considered doing something like that, but we don’t have a really big problem with homeless people in this area as much as a bigger city does.


    1. Yes! i most definitely use crocheting as a stress reliever throughout the week. it takes my mind off of everything that is stressing me out and allows my mind to wander and relax. I am also excited to get started on the afghan and see how it turns out. Thanks for the comment!

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