I had no idea what to do when I learned that we were going to do an Independent Learning project. I really have grown to like the idea of the Independent Learning Project. When thinking about what my project should involve, I didn’t know what I could do. Many of the things that are important to me aren’t projects really. My faith and family are very important for me, so originally I thought about reading the Bible. Yet, the idea of reading the Bible as an assignment and HAVING to read God’s word wasn’t really the way I wanted to read the Bible and grow in faith. So, I turned to other aspects of faith and family. A random option that popped into my head briefly was learning how to make origami, but I figured that didn’t have much real world application. I thought about community service and serving the less fortunate. I vetoed that though because I don’t know that I would enjoy that and have as much fun as I would with what I think I will do.

I just recently became interested in the art of crochet. My mother has crocheted often throughout my lifetime. Many of her aunts and family members crochet as well. They made these beautiful baby blankets and donated them to raffles at church or donated them to churches with NICU centers for the new families. So far I have learned a few basic stitches and patterns for certain things. I have made winter hats, for adults and newborns, scarves, and potholders. I have experimented with some random things such as koozies, a butterfly, and coffee thermos wraps. For Christmas last year, I also made my brother’s girlfriend a big mermaid tail blanket. Once you got over how big the crochet hook was and how big the actual blanket was, it was as simple as the rest of projects. With this project, I would learn more complex stitches such as slip stitches, double treble crochet, and reverse single crochet. I have no idea how to do these things but should be able to learn. I also want to broaden my horizons on the projects that I do. I would like to learn how to make stuffed animals and different sizes of baby hats to donate to hospitals for newborn babies. I also want to learn how to make afghans and baby blankets like my mother and great aunts. All of these items that I make would be given away or donated to good causes. Another aspect of this project would be to experiment with different materials that could be crocheted. My grandmother once crocheted a small drawstring bag made out of strips of plastic bags. I have tried and practically failed to create something like this, but through this project, I could work on this and improve my skills. I actually am very excited to block off two hours a week to make things. Crocheting has many benefits. I hope this is an acceptable project and that I will learn a lot from this.

Second batch of creations.jpgFourth batch of creations.jpg

Third batch of creations.jpgIMG_1789.JPG

The pictures in this post are my creations and projects!


7 thoughts on “Learning Project (Crochet?)

  1. I also thought of taking this time to read the Bible, however changed my mind for similar reasons to you.

    I am very impressed with your crocheting skills!! Crocheting is something I have always wanted to give a try. My grandma loves to sew and crochet. She taught me how to sew, however I never could get the hang of crocheting more than a single line. On top of using this as your Independent Learning Project, I love that you are taking what you learn to help out the less fortunate and those in need. This is a task I have always loved doing!

    Some other projects you could try doing are making are scarves, little girl hair barrettes, baby slippers, and leg warmers.
    Are you going to post pictures of your work and reflections on your blog? I cannot wait to see your progress and items!


    1. Thanks for the comment! My mom sews, but I just can’t get into it. I have thought about baby slippers and scarves but thanks for the ideas of little girl hair barrettes and leg warmers! Those are great! I will be posting pictures of my work and my reflections. Thanks again!

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  2. How cool! The afghans my grandmas have made me are absolutely beautiful and will always be a keepsake. Plus, this is something you could even continue learning after the “project” is done. I think it’s awesome that you will be donating some of it to the hospitals. Very generous of you! 🙂


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