Where to begin? Well, digital literacy is a person’s ability to navigate and use several types of technology for different purposes such as finding and communicating different ideas. It means that someone is able to use technology for several different things proficiently. Another aspect under this subject that I learned about is digital fluency. Digital fluency is a person’s aptitude for interpreting and communicating information along with forming ideas and discovering the meanings of these communications through technology. In this ever-changing society we live in, it is always necessary that we communicate well. Since we are relying on technology more, it just makes sense that all people should be digitally literate. There are several elements to digital learning that have to be taken into account thought. One is the availability or access that students have to technology. Not all students have regular access to technology. I do believe that technology does contribute to student learning that sometimes cannot be achieved in other ways. This brings me to another element to digital learning: personalized learning. technology opens doors for students that may not be able to learn well in the classroom. Digital learning can be tailored to each and every individual student. There are several other important elements of digital learning but those are the ones that I found most interesting. When reading and learning about subjects like this, it also sheds light on your own literacy when it comes to technology. I admit that I’m not one of the most digitally literate person. I know how to run the programs that I absolutely need. I know how to do things on the internet (such as this blog), navigate our school website and such. I also know how to run word and powerpoint. Beyond that… not much. I am familiar with an Ipad/Iphone. Growing up, my family didn’t use technology every day. I do, however, think I am at least partially digitally literate. I would like to learn how to trouble shoot and solve my technological problems better. I think one thing that we need to do to become better digital learners and leaders is understand that not everything will be learned or mastered in one day. It is a process. while doing this research I found this video about the essential elements of digital literacies. During the presentation, the speakers mentioned that digital literacy and fluency is a process. It is also a condition and is not a barrier. I found all of this interesting. We don’t normally consider ourselves to be digitally literate or illiterate. We just tend to think we know how to use technology or we don’t mess with it. It is a very important thing that should be taught (kind of) in education.

Here is another article that I found interesting and useful in learning about digital literacy: Link


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